“I found myself in a tough real estate transaction which required immediate attention and funding. I contacted Justin Murphy whom I previously made contact with years ago and had already heard great things about. Justin was very prompt and professional. Straight to the point about how they could help, and with minimal hassle and a small amount of paperwork, I was able to complete my real estate transaction. Their fees were extremely reasonable and our relationship was a win-win. I am very happy with their service and have already recommended them to friends and family.”

Dale Shadbegian
Dennis Port, Ma
Real Estate Investor

"Professional service is the cornerstone of Raymond C. Green, Inc.  Having been in commercial real Estate over 25 years I have referred clients to Justin Murphy and Ray Green.  Their service and ability to come through on time has been critical for many to complete a transaction which impacts their real estate portfolio.  They make quick decisions and implement the loan aware of all issues and the complexity of the deal.  They are highly respected and will go the extra mile at all times to provide funding solutions.…" 

Rachel Goldberg
Goldberg Real Estate and Funding

”Justin and the team at Raymond C. Green provide top notch service in an industry where prompt attention is not only important but necessary to fulfill the needs of their clients.  We have contacted them for several different loans with each loan different than the last.  They've always been understanding and up front about how they would be able to facilitate.  We've worked with other private lenders in the past and we keep coming back because of their ability to understand a project in a timely fashion while maintaining the integrity that is required to make all parties feel at ease." 

Zack Whiting
DW Solutions, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure to work with The Ray Green Companies on many fix and flip homes as well as a condo conversion.  They are professional and know this business front to back and were great to work with.  I recommend them as the best in the business! "

Gary Litchfield
The Litchfield Companies

"We have borrowed capital a number of times from Ray Green for our real estate development projects with great success!  They truly understand our business and the needs of a developer. We found them extremely easy to work with, transparent, and true to their word.  We consider them a great partner to help grow our business.  We look forward to doing our next deal together soon with Justin Murphy and the Ray Green team.” 

Aaron Breen
Beantown Property Group, LLC

"Having worked with conventional lenders for over 30 years and experiencing the constant frustration of delays and the time lag from application to commitment I had finally had enough and called Justin. I am on my third project with the Raymond Green Company. Ray and Justin are well versed on how important it is to react quickly in today's environment. Time is our most important commodity. Together they have made me feel like a priority and have responded to my every need. It has been a pleasure to deal with such professionals. I look forward to a long relationship with the Raymond Green Company with many more projects to come." 

Mike Facchini
President / Bridgestone Development, Inc.

"Professional and courteous. When dealing with RCG Funding, the decision makers are directly engaged and as a result, the lending decision is often the same-day and the closing scheduled shortly thereafter. A valued resource for bridge and non-conventional financing needs.” 

Donald J. Fournier, Esq.

 “We have done a handful of deals with Raymond Green over the past year, and they have been great to work with. Justin and Spiro are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly responsive. Additionally, their market knowledge and experience in the industry provides an added benefit, beyond just the financing component. Their ability to quickly close a transaction makes the process very efficient. We highly recommend them.”

Sean Galligan
Ironsides Real Estate, LLC

"I have always found Justin Murphy to be prompt, professional, and responsive. Plus, his mortgage product is exactly what the real estate market needs. If you need construction financing, call Justin!" 

Joe Mottola

“I am a Real Estate Broker of 20 years and a General Contractor supervisor of 13 years.  I have done several of transactions with Raymond C Green, Inc.  It is always a pleasure to work with Ray, Justin and Spiro. They have always treated me fair, with respect, prompt in providing support and answer to any project concerns I may have. I highly recommend their programs and intuition.  Raymond C. Green, Inc. is the best hard money lending company in Massachusetts.”

Eric Lara
Terra Firma Real Estate Group

"I just completed my 2nd property with Raymond C. Green, LLC. They gave me the financing I needed to purchase and rehab my properties. Their level of professionalism and integrity has exceeded my expectations. They make the loan process easy and have always closed quickly. I highly recommend them for anyone getting started in real estate investing." 

Shawn Everet
Litehome, LLC

“We had excellent experience with our development loan from RCG. Timely execution, easy processing and quick turnaround, all important factors that we look for in a lender. We will definitely use them again." 

Jas B.

"Doing business with Ray Green Inc. is always a good experience. Their fast, straightforward lending approach helps move any transaction forward with ease."

Chris K

“I am nearing completion of three waterfront single family homes on Cape Cod. Thanks to Raymond C. Green Company, this project has been a complete success! From the start, Ray Green and Justin Murphy have been a pleasure to deal with. Fast approval and immediate access to construction loan funds! I will not hesitate to use them again for future project funding.”

Brad Lock
Brad Locke Development, LLC

“We found dealing with Justin extremely professional and easy.   We also felt confident in the process and are very grateful."

Cass Benson

"When I started in this business, Ray Green funded almost all my deals. I knew that I could count on him. If he said he was going to fund a deal, he did. Every step of the process, from commitment to closing and construction draws, is easy and smoothly. I strongly recommend this company. I can attribute a lot of my success today to working with them in those early days!"

Daniel Stroe
White Picket Fence Development Co.

"My last experience with RC Green, Inc. was my first. It wasn't long before I felt like a valued customer. I was very pleased with my account manager, Justin Murphy. He was always an accessible and well informed professional, answering as many questions as I had. I will say that Raymond C. Green, Inc. met all of my needs fully and without hesitation. It was truly a pleasurable experience." 

Leo M.

"We have worked with the Raymond C. Green Company since 2009. Back then we were brand new to real estate investing and they helped us out by funding our 2nd rehab. There were also a couple of times when we needed to close quickly...within 2 weeks....and they came through for us. The people at Raymond C. Green are easy to work with and very professional. I would recommend them to any real estate investor." 

Alex and Kathy Schuck
North Shore Real Estate Solutions, LLC

“Having financed two real estate development projects with Raymond Green, I can confidently recommend their services. Both transactions went from inquiry to term sheet quickly and efficiently. The closings followed as scheduled and most importantly, without any surprises. "There are many marginal participants in the asset lending market to navigate. I have found Raymond Green to be a direct lender with local decision makers and the quickest, most cost efficient lending route for my projects."

Mark Ketzler

“I am a local Dentist here in Chelmsford, MA. When the time came for me to invest in a property that had a 30 day closing window, I called Raymond C. Green, Inc. and spoke with Justin Murphy. I told Justin what I was trying to accomplish in this very short period of time and after a brief conversation and some easily answered questions I knew I had the right person helping me. My experience with Justin Murphy at Raymond C. Green, Inc. could not have been more pleasant and agreeable. I was handled in a manner that put my mind at ease about proceeding with the purchase of the Property and allowing me to immediately step in, renovate and increase the market value by 30% within the 8 month period of my loan needs. I would highly recommend a call to Justin Murphy if your needs for short term, hard money lending is one that requires prompt response, attention to detail and fast funding for closure.”

D. Lawrence Fadjo, DDS.

"We have only been dealing with the Raymond C. Green Group over the past several years. We here at ADC anticipate a long term relationship between our companies based upon the service they have provided over the past years. It is always a pleasure dealing with them."

Robert L. Allen
Advanced Design Construction, Inc.

"I had never used a "Hard Money" lender in the 15 years I've been flipping houses so I was VERY leary because of the nightmare stories I've heard. I called on a Thursday and Justin said I'll meet you on Tuesday. I met him, we walked the property, I gave him some comps, he said I'll call you in a few days. He called me on Thursday and said your all set. No ss#, tax returns, income, etc. I was shocked. I would use this company again should the need arise."

Tom P.

"Thanks for the loan Justin. Everything went well. I appreciate the hard work you and your team provided in order to close so quickly. Thanks Again!!"

Joyner Development

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