Are you in need of a private real estate loan or simply want to learn more about the process? We have assembled this brief list of answers to questions that are frequently asked by builders, developers, property investors and real estate professionals. This information is provided to help you gain a basic understanding of our lending practices. It is not a strict set of rules that cannot be deviated from. You can always consult with our experienced team to explore your unique situation.

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Definitely not. We are strictly lenders who do not seek an equity position in your venture. Your property is yours and you control it.

We prefer the term “Private Lender” due to the negative connotations that can be associated with “Hard Money”. Through conversations with our customers, we have a gained an acute awareness of the egregious actions, price gouging and broken promises that are an unfortunate reality for some in the industry of real estate finance. Our strong reputation, commitment to customer service and straight forward approach has made us the lender of choice for those seeking a faster, more personalized approach to real estate financing.

Unlike banks and other traditional lenders, we don’t rely solely on credit reports, credit scores and payment history to determine a client’s ability to ability to repay their loan. To our team, creditworthiness is a fluid concept. Instead of making decisions based solely on financial history as it may appear on paper, we carefully consider the business models, collateral and financial situations of our clients on a case-by-case basis.

Our loans are designed for the short term (4 months to a year). However, we write the majority of our loans for up to 3 years. We understand that some projects take longer than others and our borrowers don’t need the added pressure of being forced to pay extension fees or refinance within 6-12 months.

Our depth of experience and scale enable us to provide a lending experience hyper-focused in personalized customer service. We are here for you 7 days a week to address any challenges that may arise over the course of your project.

In working with Raymond C. Green Companies, you will have direct access to decision makers. This enables you to secure funds in a drastically shorter timeframe than that offered by traditional lenders who must consult with committees and other outside parties before approving a loan.

Raymond C. Green has assisted developers, builders and real estate investors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Southern Maine and throughout New England for more than 50 years.

Our interest rates are highly competitive and equal to or below the competition. There are no “up front” or “processing fees” and we personally conduct each appraisal speeding up the process and cutting down costs.

We specialize in real estate loans for builders, developers and investors including spec construction loans, rehab loans, bridge financing, condo conversions, condominium developments and cash out refinancing.



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